Are you compliant?

Michigan passed its medical marijuana law in 2008, but never got around to creating the laws that regulate and tax the industry until now.  The original medical marijuana ballot proposal allows caregivers to grow up to 72 marijuana plants for up to five people with medical marijuana cards.  With the new laws a grower can now have as many as 1500 plants.  Of course, there are quite a few requirements to growing such a quantity.

For example, the new law requires a grower to:

  • have at least two-years experience as a primary caregiver
  • not be a primary caregiver while holding a grower license
  • enter all marijuana transaction in the statewide monitoring system

These rules are but a few of those listed in the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act.  There are many more rules that one should read before considering joining the medical marijuana industry.  The complicated nature of this new “system” precludes any ideas of “winging it.”  That is to say, if you like living in a place without metal bars on all of the exits, study the law, get an outside opinion, and talk with others before risking incarceration.


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